You are worthy to actually LIVE
not just exist!

Let me help you find the best-version of yourself

You are worthy to actually LIVE
not just exist!

Let me help you find the best-version of yourself

Hello Family! 

I’m Ealita (ee-Lee-Tuh) I’m so glad you are here and YES, I called you family because now that you are here you are in my life and I consider you family.

I am a motivator by nature.  When someone asks what do I want people to remember me by, I say “ FOR THE PERSON THAT TOLD THEM THEY COULD!”

I’m passionate to help people become their best version of themselves.  Teaching, coaching, and mentoring have been my thing for over 20 years.  Valuing each individual’s journey and seeing their power be released to the world is what I’m here for

I’m excited to connect with you and see you discover, and explore, your true authentic self.  The world has been waiting for you!

So Isn’t it time to:

  • ✔ Start Living instead of just dreaming
  • ✔ Learn how to self-care while caring for others
  • ✔ Gain an understanding to know how to support your health & Wellness
  • ✔ Build solid relationships with like-minded people

I mean I get it, life happens but who told us that it was okay to just let life happen. 

Let’s say someone put you on a softball field but without a glove or they told you to go hit the ball but without a bat.  Could you do it ???  How well would that work out for you? 

I’d say not too well.  You can’t live life and expect to do well without all the proper tools to help you have a better game. 

Go AHEAD! Raise your hand if you ever felt as if?

  • The dreams and visions you once had have been stored away forever.
  • You have a burning desire to show up more in life for yourself, family, and friends.
  • You believe that Inner peace doesn’t exist & you’ve forgotten what a quiet peaceful mind feels like.
  • Your self worth has been positioned to the back of the line
  • You prioritize others needs before your own.
  • =My weight just has to be this way for now
  • =I just can’t focus on myself right now
  • =It’s too late to start my passion now
  • =My life isn’t like theirs
  • =Feel good about yourself
  • =Find a healthy balance in life
  • =Reignite the dormant passions
  • =Boost your energy

If you are ready, to be empowered, form healthy habits, and be committed to your overall well- being then look no further, this is your space! You have 3 areas to create a NEW You. Natural Remedies + Essential oils, Self-Care management and keeping fit.

You decide if you want to be a part of all 3, just start renewing by doing something TODAY!

Intuitive Wellness

Empowering Souls to be the best version of themselves by rekindling self-love through Mind, Body, and Soul energy work.


Natural Remedies + Essential oils – Facebook Group where you can Learn alternative methods to support your health and wellness.


Reignite-Self-Care & learn your true self-worth while connecting with others to build each other up.

Fitness & Nutrition

GET FIT and EAT BETTER with support from people just like you who want the same thing “RESULTS” 

You decide if you want to be a part of all 3 but start some where TODAY!

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Body to a N-E-W You!