I’m what people call a busy bee.  Although I’m busy I move with purpose, I enjoy socializing and getting to know people. You can find me exercising, dancing, singing, cooking and always smiling. The busyness I keep in my life enhances me mentally, spiritually, and physically, if it is not serving those purposes it has no place.

I’m a wife, fitness coach, essential oils expert, raindrop therapist, worship leader, care-taker, and motivational speaker. I enjoy most genres of music and I keep you on your toes when playing darts or shooting pool with my secret weapon strategy.

Within all these hat’s I’ve learned something from each of them to share with you.  There was a time I felt stuck in life, like a lily in a valley.  There was a time I was indulged in caring for others and forgetting my worth and the things I valued. 

I know that we are all connected, and life’s experiences and lessons learned are not to be kept hidden.

About 5 years into my marriage my husband was diagnosed with multiple myeloma which also destroyed his kidneys.  They told him he had 18 months to live.  Still, newlyweds, this news was devastating. Without questioning or thinking about how I immediately received the new title of care-taker.  I was already a care-take for my parents part-time so this moved into full-time. 

I wouldn’t change anything about the support and love that was shown to my husband during that time. But If I could take away anything it would be him having to experience multiple myeloma and kidney failure.  However, when the storm comes and you are without an umbrella you just run through it until you find the closest shelter.  So during those years, I learned to start listening to my body, creating opportunities just for me that allowed me to re-energize, and the most powerful thing was shifting my mindset to vibrate on a frequency of positivity and peace. 

More to come concerning that part of my life as we get to know each other better.  

I have 20 years of experience in management, and I enjoy collaborating with others’ visions and helping them glue the pieces together.  I have believed along with many and have been grateful to see them move forward with a new skill, fulfill their dreams or even launch a new career.

I have studied and taught about essential oils and other natural remedies to support holistic health alternatives for 8 years.  Essential oils have changed my life as well as introduced me to so many other natural ways to stay empowered when it comes to living life holistically.  

My family and I have experienced true healing aided by essential oils.  I use them daily to support all of my body’s needs.  

Exercising has been a game-changer in my health journey. I have always been involved in some type of physical activity however for the last 6 years I have actively exercised consistently. My body feels younger and I have more energy. I understand that the body needs to move no matter how big or small the movement is to create longevity and to support your overall wellness.

I eventually decided to be a fitness coach to help others learn about exercise and nutrition. I’ve learned that the best tool to help you conquer any fitness challenge is creating a positive mind that feeds you with supportive thoughts to cheer you forward.

I’m confident that in this space you will learn how to be your own motivator, find the willpower you need to meet your fitness goals while transforming your body and mind to its’ best version. 

So ladies we have a lot to gain from one another, and I’m grateful we are now sharing the same space. 

I welcome you and look forward to getting to know you!

What People Are Saying?

“Thank you Ealita for teaching me so much about the power of Essential Oils! The knowledge you provide has helped me along my health journey and I’m thankful our paths crossed. 

— Robin

“The Rain-Drop Message is a must-have.  I received so much more from Ealita.  Her spiritual wisdom is amazing! She listens to you and your body and performs amazing massages along with uplifting guidance”

— Amber 

“”OMG!, Ealita is a true jewel to know.  If motivational quotes could be a person, she will be just that. Everything that comes out of her mouth is genuine and you can feel the love.”

— Sholanda